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Creating Global Leaders and Thinkers
. . . to inspire your child’s unique inner aspirations and passions in finding the independent school
curriculum and community that best fit and refine your child’s qualities.


Total placements over 13 years = over 400 students. Below is a partial list of students over the last 5 years.

Myles B Rectory\St. Paul's Breanna M Lawrenceville
Rishaun N St. Paul's Jordyn F Lawrenceville
Shanice N St. Paul's Heaven F Lawrenceville
Brianna E St. Paul's Joshua H Hillside\Hill
Amelia W Hotchkiss Brett C Rectory\St. Andrew's
Miles B Hotchkiss Caleb M IMS\Lawrenceville
Sydney M Hotchkiss Miki W Blair
Jonathan H Groton Dominique D Blair
Rami H Groton Andra H Blair
Kayla P Groton Batouly C Blair
Mary C Groton Jack W Peddie
Joe C Groton Emma R Peddie
John O Deerfield Kylie F Peddie
Matt P Deerfield Chase A Hill
Matt C Deerfield Stephanie P Rectory\Hill
Blair X Milton Sascha B Kent
Matthew B Rectory\Phillips Exeter Ariana A Kent
Teagan T Philips Andover Ryan M Berkshire
Jumaane F Fay\Philips Andover Alonde L Berkshire
Sarah T Taft Malik H Berkshire
Darius C Taft Sydney R Brooks
Janean C Lawrenceville Jaden R Suffield
Joelle F Lawrenceville Niamani M Suffield
Jax F Lawrenceville Isabella M NMH
Michael M NMH Jerry Z Cushing
Louis C Loomis Jalen S Cushing
Nancy C Loomis Emily M Masters
Brandon J Loomis Rashid W Masters
Christopher R Westminster Alyzae D Pomfret
Yvonne P Westminster Juliette L Pomfret
Michael H Westminster Marla L Pomfret
Jessica H St. George's Keith M Northwood
Theresa S St. George's Adelia C Northwood
Allan G   St. George's   Angelia C Northwood
Elan Hv   Cate   Dren D Winchendon
Amber T   Cate   Joshua B Eaglebrook
Kyril V   Cate   Adrian B Eaglebrook
Christian N   Webb   Ajay R Eaglebrook
Isaiah F   Lake Forest   Gerald B IMS
Diago Q   Lake Forest   Madison B IMS
Camille M   George   Jasmine C Rectory
Nazim P   George   Kayla P Rectory
Kayin L   Gunnery   Kathy M Rectory
Muya K   Rabun Gap   Caleb W Rectory
Ramani L   Rabun Gap   Cynthia W Rectory
Diamond C   Pennington   Jayden R Cardigan
Ajani K   Church Farm   Darrius E Fessenden
Abdul D   Church Farm   Isaiah M Fessenden


Total placements over 13 years = over 400 students.
We Always Try to Create a Difference
A desire and courage to have your voice heard while having the compassion to listen and the empathy to understand others.

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In 2005, Mark and Marion Cheong’s youngest son Mark Jr. received an opportunity to attend Kent School, igniting an unexpected and passionate journey that began when they founded the non-profit organization, Inspiring Young Minds.

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